Booking system and website for holiday home and apartment rentals


Technical requirements

• SSL certificate / HTTPS must be activated

• PHP version 7.4 or higher

• mod_rewrite module must be activated

• 1 database (MariaDB or MySQL)

• 1 email account

• 2 cronjobs (optional, but recommended)

Installation Basic Package

• Set up and activate SSL certificate

• Create email account

• Create database

• Upload files to the root directory of your web space

• Open in your browser and follow the instructions

• After successful installation and creation of your accommodation, you can optionally set up cronjobs.


If you connect your website to other booking portals, we recommend setting up a cron job for synchronisation that runs every 10 minutes, for example.

If your provider does not allow cronjobs, it is also possible to synchronise the bookings "on the fly". You have the choice between 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes or continuously. However, depending on the number of accommodations, bookings and connected portals, this can lead to considerable speed losses and blockages in the page load of your website. And "continuously" should generally only be used for test purposes.

Another optional cron job checks various tasks, such as the updating of future prices or the expiry of offer prices, and should run every 24 hours, preferably in the early hours of the morning. You can dispense with this cron job if you do not want to use the functions or want to change them manually.

Further information on setting up the cronjobs can be found in the help for the respective menu items in the programme.